Carefree Teal Dune Roll Out Awning (No Arms)

Carefree Teal Dune Roll Out Awning (No Arms)

Carefree’s vinyl fabric features a superior construction with the top portion being called the Weatherguard – this protects the fabric from the sun, scrapes and exposure when the awning is rolled up. The Carefree Fiesta has long been a favourite amongst RVers, not only in the USA but here in Australia as well. It is a simple to use manual, spring loaded, rollout awning featuring a vinyl weatherguard as previously mentioned. The Fiesta is available in two finishes, Dune Stripes (this coloured on both sides) and Shale Fades (this is coloured on the top side only). Sizes vary for each colour. The 8’ – 14’ awnings project up to 7’3” (2.21mt), while the awnings from 15’ – 21’ project up to 7’9” (2.36mt).

Product Description

Remote and Travel Locks
These work together to ensure the Fiesta does not come undone during travel. They eliminate the need for you to stretch and fumble for the roller lock.

Canopy Clamps
Built onto the hardware and self storing. They help to keep your awning taught and provides extra protection from the elements (not available on arms supplied to suit poptops).

Heavy Duty Brackets
Solid and rugged. The awning hardware and castings are white the trim of any RV.

Single Track Slider
Located on the inside of the hardware channels, it eliminates the rafter binding during setup and storage. You get a smooth gliding motion as soon as our slide the rafters up the hardware arms.


  • Available Sizes:

     Product Code  Dimensions
     200-36300  10ft Teal Dune Roll Out Awning (No Arms)
     200-36310  11ft Teal Dune Roll Out Awning (No Arms)
     200-36370  17ft Teal Dune Roll Out Awning (No Arms)
     200-36380  18ft Teal Dune Roll Out Awning (No Arms)


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