RV Coaster Folding Bike - White

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RV Coaster Folding Bike - White

Where will it take you?

Folding bikes offer a great solution to those who enjoy a bike ride, but have limited storage space. Whether you live in an apartment or frequently travel, the RV Coaster provides an alternative mode of transport that you can take with you – on a train, plane or RV! And, if you hide a component (let’s say a seat) in a different spot to your bike, stealing it is going to be, well, painful! Don’t be fooled either by the size of the RV Coaster. Many people think that suspension or quality is compromised when producing a folding bike but rest assured this is not the case with the RV Coaster. Tyre technology and frame materials have advanced to a point where the quality of a folding bike can be compared to its bulkier and more rigid members of the 2-wheeled variety.

Product Description

 The RV Coaster has the following enviable features:

• Six Gears - the more gears, the easier it is to control your speed over a
  variety of terrains, just like your car!

• Clipless Pedals – no annoying straps or buckles to tie over your shoes, but
   they do have reflectors which makes your visibility to other road/path
   users easy

• Kickstand

• Shimano Gears and Grip Shifter – just like on Norco and other full-sized

• Hi-tensile steel frame

• 20” Aluminium Alloy rims

• 20” x 1.5” rubber/butyl tyres


  •  Weight: 16.7Kg

     Max Weight Capacity: 100Kg

     Folded Size: 84L x 34W x 64H (cm)

     Open Size: Handlebar to Floor: 105cm

     Seat to Floor: 71-89cm

     Length: 146cm

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