LCI Lippert 12" Elec-Brake HUB Drum - 6-Stud Landcruiser PCD

Product Code:

LCI Lippert 12

Lippert Components Brake Drum Hub Assemblies are an industry standard.  Lippert Trailer hub assembly (hub and drum) provides surface area for brake shoes to grip when brakes are activated and are compatible with standard axles from most manufacturers.

Product Description

LIPPERT Brake assembly plates feature a bushed oval magnet. This feature comes as standard and for good reason as the bush provides added protection against dust. In a standard magnet dust intrusion quickly builds up and provides a friction point for the magnet and causes accelerated wear.

The hub drum is what connects the trailers wheels to the trailers axle and houses the wheel bearings.  The hub drum is the part that rotates and inside this drum sits a stationary electric brake assembly plate containing the braking shoes and magnet.

The Hub also provides a steel inner face for the magnet to stick onto when powered. When this happens, the shoes are activated and they expand out to grip the inner walls of the rotating drum providing friction which in-turn drastically slows down the spinning drum.

Due to the magnet dragging on the inner-face of hub-drum they wear out. They can be machined to provide a flat surface for the magnet to comfortable adhere to but eventually you will need to simply replace them.

Electric Hub drums also feature bearings so they can be attached as one unit to your axle and have the wheel studs already fitted so you can easily attach them to your wheels – both bearings & wheel stud PCD’s will vary depending on what they are suited for.

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