COAST Std Jockey Wheel Clamp (50mm/750lbs)

Coast Jockey Wheels

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COAST Std Jockey Wheel Clamp (50mm/750lbs)

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COAST Std Jockey Wheel Clamp (50mm/750lbs)

Coast to Coast's new range of quality jockey wheels is now available. Perfectly suited for most caravan, trailer and horse float applications, this new range has all of your jockey wheel needs sorted. 

Product Description

The range features three jockey wheel size variants from 6” to 10”. The smaller wheels are ideal for use on paved and hard surfaces while the 10” wheels allow for even soft ground surfaces to be navigated safely. 

Each jockey wheel size is available with the choice of standard or swivel clamp. The swivel clamp allows the jockey wheel to be quickly and conveniently rotated out of the way when your hitched up and ready to hit the road. 


    • Spare Jockey Wheel Clamp
    • Suits standard jockey wheels. 
    • Comes in full colour retail packaging  

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