Tow Load Indicator

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Tow Load Indicator

Avoid incorrect tow ball weight!

When towing a caravan or trailer it is important to manage the tow ball weight, otherwise you could be out of control.


Product Description

Introducing the TLI (Tow Load Indicator), this easy to read integrated mechanical gauge displays the tow ball weight instantly allowing you to pack the caravan to provide the ideal load for your vehicle. The TLI includes an adaptor that fit to the hitch, once fitted the TLI simply screws into place by hand. Other benefits include:

  • Check the weight while you load
  • Safe ball weight
  • Don't risk voiding insurance clams
  • Stay within legal limits and avoid fines
  • Made in Australia
  • 10 year warranty
  • Gauge displays from 50kg to 400kg


  • Gauge Display: 50 – 400Kg

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