Ark Smart Charge Powerpack

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Ark Smart Charge Powerpack

The Ark Powerpack is reusable by simply replacing your existing battery.

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The Ark Powerpack is reusable by simply replacing your existing battery. It is a handy 12V battery box power source, with a built in charger that also conditions and prolongs battery life. An LED monitor displays the condition of the battery at any point, all at the touch of a button.

The Powerpack is tough with 10Amp fuse protection and protected external terminals which avoid accidental contact. The casing is durable and weather resistant and adaptable enough to allow for up to a 130Amp deep cycle battery.

Great for use when camping, boating, caravanning or at horse trials, the inbuilt smart charger system has six stages:

  1. Charging: this charges your flat battery until it reaches 12.5V
  2. Bulking: this tops up the battery (for extra voltage) up to 13.8V
  3. Boosting: this process charges your battery at a peak for maximum performance. It does this by maintaining the battery voltage at 13.8V for 5 hours.
  4. Resting: charging stops to allow the battery to rest which allows the voltage to normalise at 12.8V
  5. Conditioning: maintains battery performance by continuous monitoring, the charging current will adjust to maintain 12.8V for 500 hours
  6. Re-Awaken: after 500 hours the Charging cycle will recommence, this helps to exercise the battery and avoid sulphation buildup. 


  • Internal Dimensions: W x L x H - 180mm x 330mm x 240mm

    Charging Power: 1500mA, 12V

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