Coast 10M/15AMP Heavy Duty Extension Lead - Led Equipped

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Coast 10M/15AMP Heavy Duty Extension Lead - Led Equipped

Product Description

Coast RV’s latest extension leads are designed to meet the unique power demands of your RV or campsite. Our range offers you the choice of two lengths: a compact 10m lead or an extended 15m solution.

At the heart of these extension leads is cutting-edge technology. Crafted with precision, they feature LED-equipped cords made from a robust cable. The integration of a seamlessly moulded 15A plug and socket ensures durability. For added safety, each lead is encased in a 360° protective shroud, surpassing Australian Standards.
Please be aware that these extension leads are tailored for non-domestic power use. With Coast to Coast's robust extension leads, powering your site in remote locations is a breeze.

A reliable caravan lead is the key to uninterrupted power in your RV. Our heavy-duty design guarantees a constant supply of power and lighting, even in the most secluded spots, eliminating any worries of being left in the dark unnecessarily.

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