Ampfibian Mini

Ampfibian Mini

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Ampfibian Mini

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Ampfibian Mini

In a world where gizmos and gadgets are being micro-sized, Ampfibian have jumped on board in a teeny tiny way. 

Product Description

With all the same features as its big brother, the Ampfibian Mini is very capable at being a 15A to 10A power adapter. It allows you to connect 15A devices to domestic (10A) power points, safely and legally.

It is designed and made in Australia, and comes with a two year warranty and an IP33 rating (recommended for indoor use).

A true little orange powerhouse, the Ampfibian Mini has all the essentials such as RCD and overload protection, and a 10A circuit breaker which prevents overloading by cutting the power if it exceeds 10A (2400W).


    • 10A (2400W) circuit breaker
    • 220-240VAC, 50-60Hz
    • Power Input Plug: 10A, 1.8mt lead
    • Weight: 0.8Kg

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