Happy Wanderer DT-8 Mark 3 Antenna

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Happy Wanderer DT-8 Mark 3 Antenna

The happy viewing continues with the improved DT-8 Mark 3 antenna.

Product Description

It now features an integrated diplexer which means it can combine UHF and VHF signals. The Tapered Loop Technology provides the Mark 3 with a generous beam width of 70 degrees. It is now much easier to set up and the cables cannot be fitted the wrong way. Made from UPVC plastic, the Mark 3 receives low powered DTV stations, as well as HD digital horizontal and vertical signals. It comes with a digital Thru-Van-Wall kit, all cabling (which are RG6 compression with non-corrosive  lugs) and a zippered carry bag. Happy Wanderer offer a 5 year warranty on the Mark 3. 

Note:  rackets and masts are sold separately. You will need to retune your RV TV to suit each locations’ reception.


    • VHF MHz: channel 6-12
    • UHF MHz: channel 28 69
    • Max Gain: 10.4dBi (UHF), 3.1dBi (VHF)
    • Dimensions (mm): 500H x 295W x 165D (with antenna rods not extended)

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