FURRION 9000 BTU Under Bunk Air Conditioner - 2.6kW.
FURRION 9000 BTU Under Bunk Air Conditioner - 2.6kW.

Furrion Under Bunk Air Conditioner

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FURRION 9000 BTU Under Bunk Air Conditioner - 2.6kW.

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FURRION 9000 BTU Under Bunk Air Conditioner - 2.6kW.

Designed for small to medium sized caravans and campers, the Furrion AC with auto mode technology automatically adjusts to the environment within the caravan, keeping campers comfortable. The included remote control o¬ffers convenient control from any room of the RV.

Product Description

Introducing the Furrion 2.6kw BTU Underbench Air Conditioning Unit - the ultimate solution for small to medium-sized RVs. With its sleek design and auto mode technology, this AC unit is designed to keep you comfortable in the Australian climate all year round.
The Furrion AC unit can be conveniently concealed under a bench, bed, or cabinet, saving valuable space in your RV. The reverse cycle heat pump provides both cooling and heating capabilities, making it a versatile option for year-round use.

With the fan-only mode and dehumidification feature, this air conditioner can be used to circulate air and reduce humidity in your caravan or RV. The timer on/off function allows you to set the unit to turn on or off at specific times, so you can come back to a perfectly cooled or heated space.

The Furrion AC unit also features an auto mode that adjusts the temperature based on the room's ambient temperature, ensuring maximum comfort with minimal effort. You can control the unit using the included remote control or the wired wall pad, making it easy to adjust the settings from anywhere in your RV.

The Furrion 2.6kw BTU Underbench Air Conditioning Unit is designed with high efficiency and low power consumption in mind, so you can stay cool or warm without worrying about high energy usage. Get ready to experience the ultimate comfort on your next camping trip with the Furrion Underbunk AC unit.


  • Fan only mode
  • Dehumidification feature
  • Timer on/off
  • Auto mode based on room temperature
  • Can be controlled by remote or wired wall pad
  • High efficiency and low power consumption



  • Specifications

    Rated cooling capacity                    2637W
    Rated heating capacity                   2784W
    Input supply voltage                        220-240 V(AC)/ 50Hz
    Input current rating                         4.2A (nominal)
    Input current rating                         22.5A (locked rotor)
    Input power (Cooling)                    1000W
    Input power (Heating)                    800W
    Maximum outlet airflow                490m3/h
    Refrigerant (R 410 A)                      620g
    Protection class                                 IP X5
    Operating temperature                  From -7℃ to +43℃

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