Enduromat Forest Green

Enduromat Forest Green

Perfect for camping, these Australian made mats help to keep your RV cleaner.

Product Description

Small dirt particles, such as sand, fall through the mesh, leaving larger stones on top for easy removal. Made of a PVC welded fibre, Enduromats are strong & durable but not on the grass underneath! The mesh style fabric allows air to move beneath its surface allowing grass to breath. Non-slip & mildew resistant, the lightweight mat is easy to carry & store. Because nothing sticks to the Enduromat, minimal maintenance is required. To clean, simply shake the mat & then fold as per normal to put back into the bag. It is even UV resistant so it will maintain its colour for years. Enduromats come in two colours, green & black.



Available Sizes:

 Product Code  Dimensions
 200-08400  Enduromat Forest Green - 2m x 2.45m
 200-08402  Enduromat Forest Green - 3m x 2.45m
 200-08404  Enduromat Forest Green - 4m x 2.45m
 200-08406  Enduromat Forest Green - 5m x 2.45m
 200-08408  Enduromat Forest Green - 6m x 2.45m
 200-08410  Enduromat Forest Green - 7m x 2.45m


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