ADCO Olefin HD Caravan Covers

ADCO Olefin HD Caravan Covers

Australia and New Zealand has seen the new era of RV protection, thanks to the American RV cover giant ADCO making their newest Designer Series covers exclusively available from Coast to Coast.

Product Description

> Top panel is made of Olefin HD™ fabric. This new proprietary fabric has outperformed other leading roof materials and beads water on contact. Some water may penetrate the cover in heavy rains.
> Side panels are made of four layers of polypropylene with a soft lining that won’t scratch your RV paintwork.
> A cinching system with buckles prevent billowing fabric on the
front and rear.
> The lining of the cover is reinforced on all corners to protect against tears caused by sharp edges.
> Air vents help to eliminate moisture build-up.


• Designed for high sun exposure, high moisture, snow, and/or long-term storage
• Highly protective top panel made with four layers of Olefin HD™ material which beads water on contact while still completely breathable
• The most durable all climate cover on the market
• Extra reinforcements on top and bottom of all four corners helps protect against sharp edges and reduces wear
• Extra durable side panels made from four layers of polypropylene
• Superior UV stability effectively blocks 99.8% of the sun’s damaging UV rays that can fade interior & exterior surfaces
• Passenger-side zipper doors allow for easy covered access, regardless of door position
• Eyelets in the hem of the entry doors enable flaps to convert into a sun awning
• Dual front and rear cinching system removes slack and reduces billowing
• Air vents help cover breath and prevent mould and mildew
• Extra reinforcements on top & bottom of all four corners helps protect against sharp edges & reduces wear
• Quick disconnect bottom buckles make it easy to snap your cover into place
• Weighted buckle toss under allows you to easily toss the installation straps under your RV to connect to the opposite side
• Storage bag included
• 3-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Available Sizes

     Product Code  Dimensions
     400-06510  ADCO Caravan Cover 14' - 16' (4.28 - 4.90m)
     400-06512  ADCO Caravan Cover 16' - 18' (4.90 - 5.51m)
     400-06514  ADCO Caravan Cover 18' - 20' (5.51 - 6.12m)
     400-06516  ADCO Caravan Cover 20' - 22' (6.12 - 6.73m)
     400-06518  ADCO Caravan Cover 22' - 24' (6.73 - 7.34m)
     400-06520  ADCO Caravan Cover 24' - 26' (7.34 - 7.92m)


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