Sphere - PIR Sensor Only

Sphere Wireless Security System

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Sphere - PIR Sensor Only

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Sphere - PIR Sensor Only

RV’s are valuable, not only because of the beautiful memories they help to create, but also because of the knick knacks inside their walls! An RV is a treasure trove to would-be-thieves, so stop them in their tracks with the Sphere Wireless Alarm System.

The System comes with a control unit (this can be programmed to accept up to 5 accessories), a motion sensor, a door/window sensor and 2 key transmitters. The door/window sensor can be used on any entry point, even the side doors.

Product Description

How does it work? If you’re leaving your car for a while, lock it up as you would normally and then turn the system on with your key transmitter. If the bond between the door/window sensor magnets break, and the motion detector is triggered, the alarm will sound.

An alarm system may even have the potential to lower your insurance premiums, however we strongly recommend you consult your insurance provider to check this as individual circumstances may vary.


  • PIR sensor only.

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Sphere Wireless System

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