Easy Mover Jockey Wheel - Single

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Easy Mover Jockey Wheel - Single

Easymover single solid wheel jockey wheel with clamp.

Product Description

The Easy Mover is a ratchet driven jockey wheel for caravans, trailers and horse floats.

It features operation with minimal effort and is simple to use. The Easy Mover can operate on either side of the draw bar and has an unrestricted handle stroke. This allows for a comfortable drive stroke length and operating stance to be determined by the user.

Always remember to firmly fit the Easy Mover jockey wheel to the draw bar clamp, ensuring that the bottom of the jockey wheel outer tube is lowered to the blue link on the inner tube.

The Easy Mover is designed to freewheel in the same direction as which the trailer is being moved.


Always use in conjunction with the trailer handbrake.

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