Reich Eco Caravan Mover - Twin Axle

Remote Control Caravan Mover

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Reich Control Caravan Mover

Reich Eco Caravan Mover - Twin Axle

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Reich Eco Caravan Mover - Twin Axle

Move your caravan or trailer with minimal effort - all at the touch of a button.

Product Description

Suitable for twin axle towable vehicles, the Reich Eco range does not affect suspension & can be fitted to either the front or back of the wheel. A roller is fitted to the Reich mover (which clamps onto the vehicles’ chassis). When engaged, the roller turns the wheels & hence is capable of moving your caravan/ trailer in any direction you want it to go.

Some advantages of owning a Reich Eco Mover include:

  • Softstart & Softstop electronics facilitate precise movement & offer greater control on any ground (millimetre by millimetre) as well as quick & easy hitching & de-hitching of your caravan. 
  • Move your caravan around any corner & to any site effortlessly, by remote control. At the touch of a button, you can singlehandedly move your caravan in any direction. 
  • All parts are zinc-plated & powder coated for complete corrosion resistance. The motors & gearboxes are located inboard, protected from water, dirt and kerbs. 

From a loose gravel pitch to a steep grassy slope, it enables your caravan to ascend gradients of up to 25% (for an Eco Single - based on a caravan weight of 1,200 kg) or 15% (for an Eco Twin -based on a caravan weight of 2,000 kg).

An ‘off-road’ style Move Control, with a rugged blue metal body.

Suitable for twin axle caravans/ trailers & comes with a 2year limited warranty. (Note that the motors fit on each side of the wheels).


  • Current Consumption: 25A - 90A (max)

    Drive: Four 12V DC electric motors, driving friction rollers

    Total Caravan Weight: 3000Kg (max)

    Speed: 1Km/ Hr (approx)

    Weight: 66Kg

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