Lion 12V 120AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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Lion 12V 120AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery

The Lion AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) range of batteries feature a fully sealed design with active electrolytes held between plates in an absorbed state. This gives the battery enhanced discharge and recharge efficiency, high resistance against vibrations and leaks, non-gassing benefits for safety and flexible installation.

Product Description

Lion 12V deep cycle batteries have been designed to withstand repeated discharging and charging, allowing them to sustain power over long periods. Great for heavy duty applications, this deep cycle battery is totally sealed.

Ideal for Dual Purpose starting and Deep Cycle requirements in 4WD, caravanning, camping and boating. Comes with a 12month manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Dimensions : 329L x 173W x 209H (mm)

    Weight : 32.8Kg

    Amp Hour: 120 (at 20hr rate)

    CCA: 575 (at -180C)

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