Sphere 250w Mono Crystalline Solar Panel with Twin Cell Technology
Sphere 250w Mono Crystalline Solar Panel with Twin Cell Technology

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Sphere 250w Mono Crystalline Solar Panel with Twin Cell Technology

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Sphere 250w Mono Crystalline Solar Panel with Twin Cell Technology

Sphere Twin Cell solar technology is the future of solar power generation for the caravanning and RV market. Researched and developed in Australia, Sphere Twin Cell Technology is an innovative solution to the common issue of partial shading that affects RV solar power applications.

Product Description

Partial shading caused by rooftop-mounted accessories such as air conditioners, roof vents and satellites can result in severe bottlenecks for conventional solar panels. When even a small section of a traditional panel is covered by shade, a blockage is created that drastically reduces overall output.

​​​​​​​Sphere Twin Cell Technology helps reduce the impact of partial shading by allowing a single large solar panel to operate as if it were two smaller panels with isolated circuit paths. This unique parallel design allows each side of the panel to function independently from the other. When one half of a panel is covered by shade, the other will still perform at full capacity. Where partial shading will have already stopped traditional mono-crystalline panels from providing vital power, Sphere Solar Panels with Twin Cell Technology will keep on charging.


  • Sphere Twin Cell Solar Technology for improved performance in partial shade.
  • Improved cell efficiency enabling 200W from a 180W footprint.
  • By-passed diodes to improve reliability and further minimize power drops caused by shade.
  • An anodized aluminium frame to withstand rust with pre-drilled mounting holes for a versatile range of applications.
  • Antireflective, high transparency tempered glass for durability
  • IP65-rated junction box provides complete protection against dust and water.

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Sphere Solar Panels with Twin Cell Technology continue producing up to 100-125w when shaded up to 50%



  •     500-06252
    Electricity Performance Standard Test Conditions  1000W/M2,1.5AM,25
    Peak Power Output (W) 250W
    Power Output Tolerance(%) 3%
    Maximum Power Voltage (V) 20.61
    Maximum Power Current (A) 12.13
    Short Circuit Current(A) 12.35
    Open Circuit Voltage(V) 24.1
      Maximum System Voltage 1000V/DC
    Mechanical Performance Junction Box Type 0.9 m 4mm 2 solar cable fitted with MC 4 IP65
    Number of Cells 4*18 72pcs
    Module Size (mm) 670*1850*35*30*1.2
      Module Net Weight 14KG
    Temperature Coefficient    
    Working Temperature ﹣40~85℃
    Power TK ﹣0.45%/℃
    Open Circuit Voltage T ﹣0.33%/℃
    Short Circuit Current T 0.045%/℃
      Test temperature 25±2℃
    Guarantee of power output ≦10 Years ≧90%
    ≦25 Years ≧80%
    Material Warranty 12 Months 

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