Sphere MPPT Solar Charge Controller

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Sphere MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Solar power is one of the most convenient and portable ways to power your campsite! Now, you can take control of your power with Sphere's new Solar Charge Regulators.

Product Description

With advanced dual-peak or multi-peak tracking technology, the Sphere MPPT Controller is still able to accurately track the maximum power point even when the solar panel is shadowed or partly fails. The controller is equipped with an LCD screen which can display abnormality information to help users to quickly identify system faults.

» Advanced dual-peak or multi-peak technology
» Built-in maximum power point tracking algorithm
» MPPT tracking efficiency up to 99.9% with advanced conversion efficiency to as high as 98%
» Multiple charging options for various battery types
» Automatic recognition of battery voltage
» LED fault indicators and an LCD Screen
» Built-in over-heating protection mechanism


  • Rated Charging Current: 40A
    Max PV Input: 550W/12V
    System Voltage: 12V/24V Auto
    Max. Solar Input Voltage: 100V, 90V

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