Fiamma Bi-Pot 39

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Fiamma Bi-Pot 39

Fiamma Bi-pot 39, Perfect for camping and caravanning. These Italian Bi-Pots are a simple, and strong, self-contained fresh water flushing portable toilet. They can be dismantled (valve inclusive) to facilitate a thorough leaning and emptying is easy and hygienic thanks to the large discharge openings. Stainless steel side hooks securely lock the top tank to the waste tank ensuring no movement whilst in use. The waste tank is made of a one-piece moulding which means no nasty leaks and the release valve is watertight too with a handy anti-odour seal. Semi-transparent lids (on the waste outlet and the top tank inlet) help to keep track of each tank’s internal level so you know when to empty or top up. Both tanks are scratch resistant.

Product Description

A practical system that is both strong and easy to clean.

Perfect for caravanning, camping


  • Sturdy piston pump guarantees 3 directions powerful rinsing jets
  • Comfortable and wide seat for adults and children
  • Scratch-resistant tank built in only one piece without seams for even more strength.
  • Sliding watertight valve with anti-odour seal
  • Easy to clean, the sturdy tanks are one-piece mouldings 100% watertight.
  • Large waste cap: no drainpipe, emptying is easy and hygienic, no clogging.


    • Dimensions (mm): 360W x 435D x 392H
    • Top Tank:15ltr
    • Bottom Tank:20ltr

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