Why You Need A Weight Distribution Hitch

WDHWhen you’re towing your caravan do you ever wonder why it doesn’t feel smooth? Are you noticing that your caravan or trailer is not quite level when connected to your vehicle, even though you’re under the weight limit the van still sways? A Camco Eaz Lift Weight Distribution Hitch solves all of these problems!

Weight Distribution Hitches Explained

WDHOne of our biggest fears as vanners is van sway. Your caravan could be under the weight limit and your tow vehicle might meet the proper towing weight for your caravan, but due to weight distribution the caravan could still sway. A weight distribution hitch balances the weight between the axle of the trailer, the point linking the trailer and the vehicle and the rear axle of the vehicle, while the ball weight remains the same. This helps to evenly distribute the load through the vehicle’s chassis to all four wheels, reducing snaking and swaying triggered by passing cars and trucks and allowing for a safer, smoother and more secure towing experience.

Easy Installtion


The Camco Eaz Lift has been tried, tested and now redeveloped to suit Australian standards. It has been designed with fewer parts, making it easier to use and install. The Camco Eaz Lift Weight Distribution Hitch is constructed of high-grade machine tapered round spring steel bars and is available in a 600 or 800 series. The 600 and 800 series offer different tow ball weights to suit your tow vehicle. Each series include bolt together tow ball mounts that are completely adjustable for changing tow ball height and angles to suit different models of caravans. All necessary parts come with each hitch including hook-up brackets, spring bars, chains, tow ball mount, hitch pin and a clip and bolt package for adjusting your hitch. You’ll have all the parts you need for a smoother, safer ride!

For a smoother, safer ride you need a Camco Eaz Lift Weight Distribution Hitch!


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